Being hit heavily by spam – Akismet does nothing

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    One of my posts is being hit heavily with spam. The spam has “spammy” names (e.g. kinder porn, etc), links to Archive.Org for the topic, and nonsense comment text.

    I’ve marked all of the comments as spam but it seems to make the problems worse rather than better.

    I can’t post this through the Support tab because Support is apparently closed on weekends (???).

    Here’s the post in question:



    Just keep marking them as spam. Akismet will learn.



    What Vivian said.

    In addition, if any of the spam involves child pornography, please report the site/spammer to the Cyber tipline at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

    Few things have made me happier than to help to put out of business predatory child pornographers. I wouldn’t have brought this up but ‘kinder porn’ raised a red flag.



    Marking them as Spam is the best and fastest solution. Sometimes it can take a little while for Akismet to learn new spammer tactics, but the more reports Akismet gets the faster it will happen.


    I’ve had to close comments on that post because spam was coming in a bit too quickly. I did mark them as Spam, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.



    You could try going into your blacklist and filtering out words that can be used in comments that would be spam. That might lower it.



    u could just mark them as spam and sooner or later it will learn



    also if a these spam comments have links in them. don’t click on the links. Some of these will start sending more spam your way.



    i am getting spammed with a lot of comments that are huge… long continuous strings and the same small string copy pasted hundreds of times…

    the big problem is that the comments section will not load, i wait for up to an hour and it is still waiting for a response, so i cant mark these as spam…

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