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Being inspired to blog & consistency, how to reconcile them?

  1. I've seen a lot of bloggers who simply copy stuff off the internet and post it. I'm not saying that's wrong (i know it all depends on what you are blogging about and who u are, etc). But i'd rather be inspired, feel i have something new to say, or can bring a new perspective (my own Lol) to whatever is being said. If i have to copy something off the net, i must find it intriguing and say so with so many words that they usually end up a post on their own right. Sometimes I copy stuff and give it a title that would show how i view the subject (like the one i did yesterday). But i gotta be really touched. Any article won't do. So.. my consistency as a blogger is being affected badly. People don't come as often as they used to when i did a new post every day. And it's worrying me.

    So.. should I just leave it to fate/time or is there any way to reconcile inspiration and consistency?

  2. Probably people go to your blog to read the new post. So naturally, when you don't have a new post, the views generated from new posts won't be coming in. Lol.

    I believe in quality over quantity. Hopefully after consistently thinking of your own views, if they are valid, interesting, adhering, witty, etc, then people will read your blog more because they are interested.

    But then again, sometimes the copy and pasted stuff can be quality. But its not as cool, especially to the copied victim. I mean, you're getting views off of his/her idea? (If you link, that might be justified.)

    And I totally agree with you on your "copy and paste off internet" view. I dislike it. New ideas, plz. :)

  3. Simply copying and pasting is not likely to be legal, however entertaining it is. For an example of a GOOD referral blog (ie a blog that points to things others have written or done) look at Neatorama, Gawker, or Boingboing.

  4. Em.. there doesn't seem to be much on those blogs! But appreciate the effort! :)

  5. There's a difference between copying and quoting "something off the net." When I must, I quote a site in the form of an excerpt and make sure it's linked back to the source (for personal verification purposes). That's content off the web. When it comes to content from a publication such as Reader's Digest, I'd include scan of the cover and a © credit to the publisher, such as:

    After you've had practice for a while, motivation and inspiration work hand-in-hand and they often come from just being able to spot something out of nothing and you're all fired up to write. As I'm a professional photographer who aspire to someday add writing to my portfolio, the WordPress platform has allowed me to combine photography and writing for a truly complete "package". Of the 233 posts I've done to date since Nov 3, 2006 the pictures that supplement my writing are 100% mine unless otherwise stated and credited to, respectively.

    Perhaps it's time for your interests to go beyond "the hole?" My blog, SHIMWORLD, is photography-centric in that I use photos to keep things in perspective at the same time many ideas are spun around the single picture I decide I would use for that particular post. The one good thing about being a photographer is that there are over a dozen photography forums where we can participate in discussions and when the right opportunity comes along, I would post a link of a topic I had previously blogged about and this increases readership and appeal to a broader audience.

    Oops, I forget to mention I have a tendency to be long winded too :)

  6. lettershometoyou

    What? Nothing on BoingBoing? Take another look.

  7. Yeah, I'm thinking Google must be broken? Those are all in the top 100 blogs in the world.

  8. Oops! Thought I closed that tag. Is there a way to edit forum comments when a mistake is made?

  9. @shoreacres

    Forum posts are un editable

  10. teck07 ~

    Thanks again! Live and learn.

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