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Being Paid for WordAds

  1. I haven't been paid royalties for the last three months (since May) of WordAds. Any reason why this would be?

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  2. Go to your Settings->Word Ads page and confirm that earnings are listed there. In some cases there were screwups with blogs that had both the No Ads upgrade and Ad Words and people were not notified Word Ads had been disabled.

    If there are, I believe Word Ads is like Adsense and doesn't pay out until you have at least $100 in earnings

  3. As I stated, the last month earnings were posted was for May. And the ads still appear on my page daily.


  4. You said you got paid for May. I asked if earnings still appear. If earnings no longer appear, check and see if you also have the No Ads upgrade. You probably need to contact staff. I did.

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