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    I’m brand-new to WordPress. I’ve looked at many themes and I like Benevolence the best. My only problem is that all the font sizes in that theme are very small. Is there an easy way to make all the font sizes larger with a CSS modification? Do I need the CSS Upgrade to do so? What is the code/syntax for such a change?

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    Yes in order to change font style and/or size throughout the blog you need the css upgrade
    The upgrade is not recommended to those who have no css editing experience as there is no staff support for learning css. There are some ready made “skins” And from time to time css experts may stop in to the forum and give you a hand.

    Alternative to purchasing the css upgrade this is what we can do


    so does that response mean “no”, we can’t change the font size, unless we purchase the CSS Upgrade?


    The last paragraph in timethief’s post gives a link to a way that you can change it on a post by post basis without the CSS upgrade.



    It means that without the css upgrade we can use these instructions on a post by post basis

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