Benevolence Theme adding categories to pages – REMOVE???

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    I can’t get rid of the “Filed Under:” link below each page heading in my blog:

    The problem is not so much the category being added, it’s the fact it is automatically linking to a wordpress page of no relevance to my blog!

    Should I be contacting the theme creator to try and fix this?



    No, that won’t do you any good. Theme creators don’t have any input on what happens to their ideas at This is the way blogs work. Categories on posts and pages link to the Global pages for SEO and community reasons. It has been raised with staff many times.

    You could choose one of the themes that don’t display categories, OR you could learn CSS, buy the upgrade, and make categories invisible. Those are your only options.



    It’s not a theme creator issue. When they implemented the tag system here, I noticed that pages were also tagged with the default category for posts. (Mine has the same issue and I’m using a different theme than you.) There doesn’t seem to be a way to remove the tag from the page, since there is no tag field in the write page window. I don’t know what the answer is other than to contact support.


    Every post will be assigned a category, even if that category ends up being “Uncategorized”. Tags, on the other hand, are optional.

    Raincoaster is correct: if you don’t want the categories for a post to show, you either need to choose a theme that doesn’t display them or work with the custom CSS. In some cases, the display of the category (and some other information) can be suppressed using the display: none;
    property / value with an appropriate selector.



    sc – he’s talking about the tags assigned to the page, not a post.

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