Benevolence theme altered by XP SP3

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    My PC installed the XP SP3 upgrade and it somehow altered the font in my Benevolence theme. All headers went from Arial Black to Arial Black italic (which looks strange). I’ve done no edits to the original. Is there an easy fix? The CSS says Arial Black, no italic indicator. Does this ultimately effect how others see it?


    I’m not seeing italic, I’m seeing just arial black. Mac Safari 3 and FF 3.


    ok, so maybe just shows on pc’s with the XP Service Pack 3 installed.


    What browser are you using?


    Browser version also.


    IE 7.0.5. Looks the same on Safari 3.1.2.


    I’m firing up XP SP3 on my lab laptop and will take a look.


    XP SP3 IE 7.0.5…, Safari 3.1.2, Firefox, and Google Chrome all show normal text for . No italic in the post headers, sidebar titles or anywhere else.

    It’s something specific with your browser and/or settings.


    ok, thanks for checking. happened right after SP3 install on the laptop, and i found a few others in the forum who had the same deal. upgraded to ie 8 beta, same look.


    Did you try clearing the browser cache and then reloading the page?

    The only other thing I can think of is if somehow arial black was deleted from your fonts folder somehow and it is substituting. You might check that.

    Open Word or something and see if you can select and change text to arial black.


    found this:

    Arial Black font fix

    The problem is the newer version of the Arial Black font, replaced last year for some reason.

    Grab the old version of Arial from C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$. Then go to control panel/fonts and remove the version that’s there.

    Replace it with the old version and you should be all set.


    Ah-ha! Thanks for posting the solution. I’ll tag this thread up so that others with the same issue can find it.

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