Benevolence theme changes?

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    Hi! I’ve been using Benevolence (with some CSS mods for colors and width) and noticed something in the last couple of days. The post comments used to be numbered, and suddenly now they’re not numbered and the line between the comments is bolder/heavier.

    Before anyone suggests it… I have not done any modifications to the CSS for months. Once I had it where I was happy with it, I’ve not touched it at all, so that can’t be it.

    So I’m just wondering if anyone else using Benevolence has noticed the same change, or knows if the WP gurus have uploaded an update to the theme that would affect this.

    Just curious. I suppose since I have the CSS upgrade, I could go in and figure out how to change it back to the thinner line and the numbered comments, and I may… but I was just wondering if it happened to others.


    The blog I need help with is



    Staff has been tinkering with all the themes, but I would have thought custom CSS blogs would be exempt; you should probably give them your feedback via the Support button.



    Ahh… thanks raincoaster, I shall do that!



    Ah, interesting. I wonder if they’re getting ready to release threaded comments.



    Yes, one of them said they were working on it, but there are lots of changes they want to make sure work with all themes, and that means changing many of the themes themselves.

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