Benevolence1.0 – Unable to see links option on blog and more

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    I used the Links sidebar widget and added it to my sidebar but am not seeing it on my blog. I added a couple of personal links to it as well but to no avail.

    The theme is Benevolence 1.0 and since the dashboard shows options for widgets, I’m assuming it is widget friendly. And yes, it is a brand new blog.

    Also, there appears a huge gap between the end of the post and the comment tag in the most recent post. Is there any way I can reduce this gap and make the comment link come closer to the end of the post?



    I forgot to add a link to my blog which is



    My money is on your links not being assigned to categories with posts in them. Here‘s a checklist for you to look through to double check your setup.

    Hope this helps,

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