Benevolence’s ‘About’ template is uneditable

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    I’ve also sent this as feedback to WordPress but I would like to make a topic about it as well to discuss the problem. Because I’m pretty sure there are more people with this issue.

    I’m talking about the ‘About’ template from the Benevolence theme. When you create such a page the content simply doesn’t show up. It keeps saying: “Type your content here.”


    Now, when you change the theme it will show up, so, it looks like a simple theme bug to me.

    Of course you could create a page with the default template but that just doesn’t look that clean.

    Any ideas on this?


    benevolence is older than

    i don’t think theron parlin ever imagined people being unable to edit the theme’s template. nonetheless, it is strange behaviour.



    Alright, so the theme isn’t completly compatible with WordPress. Though it would be really helpful, not only for me but for all the other people using this theme, if they could somehow come up with a solution for this bug. I mean, I’ve found the perfect theme for my custom CSS changes and everything and then you get this. ;p



    Not sure if it’s any useful, but it seems that the ‘about’ template uses the same id and class to style the page.

    <div id=”content”>
    <div class=”post”>
    Type your content here

    Though, since the content is not showing up, this template might be using another PHP object to display a post. So, maybe when it uses the same object as the default page the saved content will show up again.

    Anyway, I’m just brainstorming here.

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