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Besides ghosts, do you believe in monsters?

  1. Do You believe in monsters?

    I need a help regarding my blog,

    many have witnessed such super-natural creature, but non of the photos or videos existed regarding such incident.

    Besides ghosts and spirits, do you really believe in super-natural creatures or monsters?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    I don't believe in monsters, or ghosts for that matter. The only real monsters are humans themselves.

    'Evil is unspectacular and always human,
    And shares our bed and eats at our own table'

    W. H. Auden

  3. I agree with Anna.

    Anyone that even believes in ghosts is most certainly a lunatic.

  4. So those persons who have the said "third eye", are lunatic?

  5. I think you've just answered your own question.

  6. @ard. I'm a lunatic then. And as for monsters, they only ones which bother me are people. :D

  7. The only monsters I believe in are the human kind. I've met enough of them to know, while I've never, ever encountered the supernatural kind.

  8. @Jessie we already knew you were a lunatic :)

  9. Thanks ard. I am most definitely the family eccentric. :)

  10. I keep an open mind. The only trouble with that is stuff falls out of it!

  11. I too keep an open mind. My grandmother had that "third eye". She would always see her neighbour sitting outside his house. But he died a long time ago.

    As for monsters, well they're everywhere these days.

  12. I don't believe in ghosts but I do think we have a supernatural element around us that's unseen. I like to believe however that mermaids are real, I just love mermaids.

  13. I was brought up in a house which was definitely odd. Some very strange things kept happening there. Whether it was 'haunted' or not will never be known now. It was a four story late Victorian house in York, UK and I still have disturbing dreams about it every so often. But as a result my sister and I are not afraid of ghosts/spirits as we're used to them.
    I do believe in them(ghosts) and I have been on many ghost hunts to some reputedly haunted sites. However, I believe that out of every 10 reports of so-called hauntings, nine of these will have a 'normal' explanation. It's that tenth one which interests me.

  14. Ghost hunts lmao, no one in the history of ghost hunting has ever found a ghost. There's an explanation for everything that's ever happened. Whether we know it or not, there's a normal explanation for everything.

    A mate once told me, "If you don't believe you'll never see a ghost." but that's bollocks, because a ghost would still be there whether I believed in them or not if they did indeed exist.

    And the "third eye" just sounds rude.

  15. I believe in myself. I leave it to the audience to decide if this constitutes an answer to your question.

  16. Dang right, I do. I go swimming with nessie. And bigfoot, me and him are tight.

  17. Well, I don't know about ghosts, but around here we refer to our native-born locals as "Third Eyes," although this has to do with the many generations of crossbreeding/inbreeding among the old families, and nothing paranormal.

    I do see a lot of them, though.

  18. i believe in such things! i think that these creatures are present in the world but we are not able to see them, i agree with theinsanityaquarium that real monsters are human themselves

  19. "The Third Eye' is another name for the pineal gland. See Here

  20. "The Third Eye' is another name for the pineal gland. See Here">Here

  21. Sorry, my links don't appear to be working again. Anyway you can read about the amazing pineal gland on Wikipedia if you're interested.

  22. Here is the actual link.
    (Don't forget to remove already present http if you're copy/pasting from somewhere. See in your link.)

    I like your new gravatar.

    @OP Monster? Ha! I don't have believe in monsters, evils or something like ghost. These are only fictional stories to scare the kids of dark so that they don't dare to walk out of their rooms to see what's their parents doing at midnight.

  23. Thanks Hnsaifi. I *will* remember to omit that http. What a plonker. :O

  24. You're welcome! Love to help friends. Well you can give it a try in the Test thread.

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