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Besoin d'aide sur rubric (débutant CSS)

  1. Bonjour,

    J'essaie de modifier un peu le thème rubric, juste pour avoir une largeur fixe du contenu (et changer image d'en tête)

    Je suis hébergé sur

    J'ai mis cela dans mon custom CSS :

    <br /> #content {<br /> float:middle;<br /> overflow:hidden;<br /> position:static;<br /> width:810px;<br /> margin-right:20em;<br /> margin-left:40px;<br /> background-color:#fff;<br /> margin-top:160px;<br /> border:1px #eee solid;<br /> padding:.5em;<br /> }</p> <p>#menu {<br /> width:14em;<br /> position:absolute;<br /> float:right;<br /> top:200px;<br /> right:5em;<br /> font-size:90%;<br /> }</p> <blockquote> <p>Ce qui fixe bien la largeur du contenu à 810, mais par contre le menu (colonne de gauche) reste à fond à droite, je voudrais qu'il soit "à côté" du contenu à droite.</p> <p>Que faut-t-il que je change ci-dessus ?<br /> Je compte me mettre un peu plus sérieusement au CSS, mais si on pouvait me donner le "truc" ce serait sympa ! :)</p> <p>Sur le blog :<br /></blockquote>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are posting on the English forum. For assistance in your language, please click on the link below:

    Français (French) :

  3. Ah ok sorry for the mistake :

    To clarify, I'm trying no modify rubric theme such that the content width is fixed, with the menu (second column) next to the content column.

    From what I have added in the CSS, the content width has indeed been modified (810pix), but I don't manage to keep second column next to the content whatever windows width, basically would like to have it look like below, whatever window width :

  4. To adjust where the sidebar appears in the Rubric theme, try adding this to the CSS you have already adjusted:

    #rap {
        position: relative;
        overflow: hidden;
        width: 1080px;
    #menu {
        left: 880px;
  5. @designsimply

    Thanks for the answer, but when I do a save, the :

    #menu {
    left: 880px;

    Part disapears

  6. It's there, but it's higher up in your custom CSS. It looks like it's gotten combined with a previous menu block you wrote:

    #menu {

    Note that you may need to adjust the 880px number until the menu moves to the spot you want. It will depend on the width you set for #content, which I noticed you changed to 900px. You will also need to adjust the 1080px number for #rap. And you could even leave the whole #rap block out depending on how you want that image at the top to be placed.

  7. Ok thanks a lot

  8. Sorry to annoy you again, and what should I put if I want the exact same thing (fixed content width, menu to the right of the content), but everything centered to the middle of the window ?

  9. You are not annoying. This forum is for answering CSS questions! :)

    To center the content, you need to find the selector for whatever the thing is that you want to center. In this case, it's #rap in the Rubric theme. So try adding "margin: 0 auto;" to the #rap block in your custom CSS.

  10. Thanks a lot, worked :)

  11. Cheers. :)

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