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Best Bargains for the gifting season

  1. I'll start with the Skullcandy Proletariat Noise Canceling Headphones which is currently on sale in Amazon (until November 30) at 75% off. Currently available at $24.99 ($74.96 savings).

    If anyone knows of any good deals out there, I'd appreciate it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's another bargain - Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation) at 21% off. Currently availalbe at only $158.00 ($41.99 savings)!

  3. lettershometoyou

    I still remember when gift was only a noun. <sigh>

  4. wow

  5. @letters
    For over 30 years we have celebrated the presence of those whom we love and have refused to give or to accept any "presents".

  6. @timethief
    Same here; strangely, our kids took to "no present Christmas" quicker than our parents. Grandma still sends $25 in a Christmas card.

  7. lettershometoyou

    @timethief, that's quite a feat. We like to give gifts - modest ones. But "gifting" or "to gift" just makes me gag.

  8. I'm eccentric. I caused my whole very large extended family to review what it was that they were doing and to look at gifting in a completely different way that was not attached to "occasions" when we were being barraged by advertising. This re-examination took place after my husband and I paid for our own wedding and refused to accept presents of any kind. Only children receive mid-winter presents in our family and most of what they receive is deposited into education funds for their future use.

  9. I love picking out and giving presents, but I rarely have enough money for it.

  10. lettershometoyou

    Give all the gifts you want, but please, no gifting. :-)

  11. while i think that some things are way expensive (an ipod for $150? really. just buy a radio.) not giving gifts at all is totally taking it too far. it's the one time of year when a kid can ask for something they'd never ask for otherwise, and there's a good chance they might actually get it. or at least a variation of it. (my sister asked for a pony, and got a barbie horse. she laughed, and ignored the rest of her gifts for the rest of the day.) it's like the episode if scrubs, where kelso's all nice and happy because it's his anniversary, so everyone asks him for stuff the hospital needs. but later on you find out that he didn't have an anniversary (meaning sex.) he just made it up, because if people think you'll give them what they want only one day of the year, they'll leave you alone for the rest of the time. plus, with all the crazy deals, kids who come from poor families have a chance at maybe getting a gift. or if all else fails, do homemade gifts. swearing off a whole tradition because you want to be edgy, and stick it to the man is just dumb. it's also a good way to end up in trouble with money, because the things you could have gotten as gifts, you now have to buy for yourself. would you all be so smug if you had to pay for, say... a jeep, a washer and dryer set, a house, and a computer? let me rephrase that: if your monthly income was $600 could you do that?

  12. No I can't do that! and I don't know one person who's going to give me a Jeep or a washer or dryer but hey I wouldn't mind a new Wrangler with a full gas tank.
    I think that you also have to look at it as the 'tradition' for you is Christmas, maybe others practice a different 'tradition', maybe they don't believe in Christ and believe in the Winter Soltice which doesn't practice giving material needs or wants to people.
    Another thing to think about is fathers and mothers with small children or children in general in this economy. 4 years ago I could afford the 'barbie jeep' but am happy I didn't get it for my daughter because I couldn't possibly live up to that means now...and wouldn't it in reality break my daughters heart if year after year Santa brought her what she asked for and then out of the blue didn't get the thing she so loved and wanted because "Santa" was bankrupt and losing "The North Pole" because he was so behind in the mortgage payments?
    I don't think it's being smug or edgy.

  13. @cheeringforu
    The decision family members made not to gift other adults on December 25 each year was ours to make, and not yours to judge.In fact, if you are a Christian, then I invite you to take the plank out of your eye, and stop the namecalling and insults (dumb, smug, edgy).

  14. @cheeringforu (and that's quite a misnomer, judging from your post):

    Having grown up as one of those "kids who come from poor families," I can attest from experience that their chances at Christmas do not improve in a bad economy.

  15. P.S. It also explains why my family realizes there might be more important things at Christmas.

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