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    I have incorporated SEO work for my various WordPress websites by editing meta tags, social implementation with GooglePlus etc., and utilizing proper semantic markup. However, recently I was briefly referred to this company, SML, by a representative. My sites are all already ‘mobile-friendly’ and I have access to plenty of coupon-generator-plugins, chat plugins, QR barcode plugins, and even “SEO” plugins… all open source. So why should I pay for these services? What are open-source alternatives to their services?

    Keep-in-mind, I have very little SEO knowledge aside from editing meta tags and utilizing HTML5 semantics. Can someone with strong SEO knowledge please point me in the right direction towards a better understanding of incorporating the best SEO for various websites such as personal/blog-sites and business/real-estate/retail-sites. Are SML’s services worth any price if the services can be done fairly easily for free? Is their ‘Directory Submission’ exclusively better than personally submitting? Thanks in advance!



    There is no blog linked to your username. Exactly which blog are you referring to?



    No blog in particular, this is a generalized quenstion targeted at the utilization of the best, current SEO trends.

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