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    Hello Bloggers !!!!!!!

    I like this WordPress a lot.. a question for you..

    Which is the feature you like most at WORDPRESS ?



    The feature I like best about wordpress is that it’s truly for blogging and not for “social networking” . We attract serious bloggers who are dedicated to creating content. That’s why the forums like this one are used only for support questions and never for chat [she said with a big grin] :D. drmike has created a home away from for those wanting to chat. They can go here and register :)



    I moved here because of the categories.

    In hindsight, the dynamic updating put light years ahead of Blogger.



    my first blog is here because i like the name of the blog host.

    i know, stupid reason; i’ve got a thing with nice names, and less popular things, which wp was in commparison to blogspot.



    I went into WordPress blind, on the recommendation of a friend who attended the Northern Voice blogging conference, and I’m very glad I did.

    It’s hard to single out a particular feature, but I do like the rich text editor. It makes it very, very easy for people with no desire to learn HTML to make a blog that is rich and deep, linking and contributing to the Internet as a whole. Basically, I like the ease of use.

    I also like how smoothly it gets the word out to the blogosphere. Surely it says something uncomplimentary about my character, but I love showing up on the first page of Google, MSN and Yahoo all the time. The Pingomatic pinging build-in is great.


    Categories was the reason I was sold to WordPress. And the themes I liked to a lot more professional I think!



    Good question, but I think for me it was the ‘understatedness’ (if there’s such a word) of WordPress. I rarely go for the popular choice e.g. iPoo! ;)

    The best feature for me is its ease of use and ability to create pages and sub-pages. It means you can take a blog more into the realms of a website very easily.

    Just my £0.02 *a nod to raincoaster!*



    I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress thanks to the import feature. I like the professional feel of the themes but I sometimes wish they would take some trouble and provide us with many more options for themes.

    I love the widgets feature, there again insatiable me wishes there could be javascript widgets. :|

    I like wordpress because it looks neat. I also like the images feature in linkrolls. You can see my blog for how I have used this feature. :)



    I listened to some friends who had tried all of the blogging services & the consensus was here. So I came over & got started. Since I have nothing to compare it to, I can only say that there is very little I do not like.

    (Now if they could just fix the Norfolk tag, I’d be a happy camper.)



    I am an escapee from Blogger. You can read why I came here right here



    Amazed that Matt hasn’t chipped in and posted about how it’s allowed him to spread the news about his love for BBQ. :)



    Now I am adding another Question !!!!

    Which is the feautre you look forward to ?
    Something that you really want from WordPress


    i moved from blogger to wordpress(.org) for categories. and extensibility.

    the best feature of, i’d say, is widgets. i think it’s a hands-down better way of dealing with customization than HTML editting with quicktags (a la blogger).

    feature most looked forward to? i don’t know. surprise me, matt ;)

    i guess having my own tags again (rather than how they currently link to global tags). or an updated fauna (with faunalive)

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