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    i have read a few articles about multi lingual options and pluggings but i do no really know the one that suites me.

    Actually i want to make my site in two (maybe even 3 languages) because my prospect visitors are from different countries. I will translate the posts myself so no need for auto translate.

    Ideally would automatically (im a beginner user) set up the same page in two languages with the option to change with a button (like flags for the country language) from one to another.

    Every time i will make a post, page, subpage or whatsoever will ask me the language and i will choose one or another.

    is that possible? or at least something similar?

    there are so many options out there that for the ones that we dont know a lot is not easy to chose.

    thank for the help.

    Miguel Berrio


    If you are bilingual or multilingual and want to publish your free hosted in two or more languages but do not want to rely on machine translation that can be done. You can have two or more blogs in different languages and interlink them via custom menus. There’s also a workaround for publishing posts in two or more languages in the same blog.


    There is no FTP access to our free hosted blogs and we cannot install plugins. We cannot use Microsoft or Google translation widgets or any others, as they are JavaScript and it’s stripped out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.

    However, I have translation on my blogs. There are two workarounds and you will find them here >
    Note: You can copy and paste the code on my Translations page and then replace every occurrence of my blog’s URL in the code with your own blog’s URL.



    thanks for the info, actually im not on wordpress hosting but on bluehost so i believe i have more options.

    i had a look at your blog and the option you give i think it could be allright for me so i will do some tests in an addon domain i have and lets see

    thanks again for the info

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