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    I want to put a link to what I consider are the five best posts on my blog in the sidebar, is it possible to do this?


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    You could use a text widget to make your own list.
    Or use a “top posts” or “top clicks” widget to show posts others find popular.



    dashboard - design - widgets - add text widget
    where you put links to your desired posts with html code something like:
    <a href="http://url_of_the_post">Post_Title1</a><br /><a href="http://url_of_the_post">Post_Title2</a> and do on



    oops … et unison


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    Yours has more detail ;-)


    Another way, which I think is faster than writing the links one by one: open two windows in your browser, main blog page in the one, visual post or page editor in the other, drag&drop post titles to editor (hit return after each one, rearrange them if you wish), then switch to html, copy the whole thing and paste it in the text widget.

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