Best Plugins to Make Money With

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    Can someone tell me the best plugins that they have used to make money with?


    We can’t use plugins here at wordpress.COM so we cannot tell you.

    The best way to make money is to get a job. Most blogs with advertising on them make $100 per year or less unless they get tens of thousands of hits or more per month on their blog. I have a blogging acquaintance that gets 8,000 + hits per month and they get a check every 9 months or so for $100 (the minimum amount the ad network will write a check for).



    Don’t you think your website has enough ADS ALREADY?



    Some people never think so. They’re not about blogging, they expect it to be an automated money farm, not a means of self-expression. That is one of the reasons blogger-initiated advertising is banned on Keeps our content standards high.

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