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    I’m considering self hosting and using guided transfer but when I look at the self hosting site partners they are all US based. I’m thinking if I had a problem it would be difficult to get help if I used a US one or am I wrong?
    Is there a recommended host for UK users which I can use guided transfer with?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not likely to get them to change hosts. WordPress.ORG software is supported with a help forum similar to this one, but don’t remember any Staff, some developers would drop by from time to time, many developers and people that did WordPress.ORG stuff for a living.

    The host support is mostly online now, so you have user forums and in many cases customer support people that you can interact with – forums or email, some have chat I think, but not sure if any of their recommended Guided transfer hosts do.



    I know Timethief uses A Small Orange, and they’re Canadian based, so if it’s US privacy law you’re worried about, that will help get around it.

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