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Best Send Email Widget

  1. Hi there

    I am looking for a simple two-box form for name and email address, that when a person clicks Submit, it sends an email to a specified email address. What is the simplest way to do this?

    Thank you!

  2. I suggest you check the contact form out >

  3. theinsanityaquarium

    Hi paul22000, I've looked through all the available widgets but I can't see any which are appropriate for what you have requested. Where are you trying to send the email to? The closest I can pick is the 'Subscribe' widget which sends you an email when a subscription goes into action, and also notifies the reader of new posts by email if they so choose.

    If this isn't helpful (and it may well not be because I am only a lowly WP lurker) I'm sure someone else will pop by soon to have a look :)

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    ... aah, should've expected TT to beat me to it ;)

  5. @theinsanityaquarium
    Hi there lol :D

  6. That Contact Form looks like it may fit the bill quite well. Can it be added as a widget?

  7. Hi. I also have this type of problem. I don't find the email subscribe widget here on wordpress, and i need it on my
    Ty for your answer

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