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Best spammer award goes to...

  1. So there's this porn website called I used to get comment spam from them all the time, but now it's getting REALLY GOOD.

    So far on two of my posts that have mentioned movies the spammer left a comment that was vague enough, yet mentioned part of the post that it would look like a real comment.

    I'd almost think that this guy really reads my blog, if it wasn't for the fact that I've seen his comment spam on other blogs.


    mr skin | [email redacted] | | IP:

    It seems there are a lot of people that don’t like Sandler these days. I like most of his films. Haven’t seen Click yet but I am looking forward to it.


    (no support issue, I just wanted to talk about this)

  2. I truly despise spammers. I moderate all comments and trace all links before posting them on my blogs. Doing this has led to the exposure of some sneaky spammers. I'm also getting "cleverly crafted" spam from the same mrskin. Due to their construct I'm willing to bet there are others who have both received and posted his fake "comments" without knowing it. This is not to mention the fake comments that have been automatically posted on blogs where comments aren't being moderated.

  3. It's probably looking for repeated patterns within your post and using those patterns in the body of the spam.

  4. It's an impressive spambot. The comments look very human.

    He must have a database of actors + movies they've been in and if he hits a match then he leaves a form comment with:
    something about actor, something about movie you just mentioned

    That would probably fool 90% of the people 90% of the time.

  5. The only "movies" I have ever made mention of in my environmental/political blog are Al Gore's and other educational videos. I haven't mentioned one for a very long time and Al Gore's was a long, long time ago and yet I still find mrskin's bots crawling through my blogs and leaving their cleverly crafted comment "scat" behind. The mind behind these bots is interesting too bad it can't find a better focus.

  6. I've been hit a few times by as well.
    Seems I get more 'breast enlargement' spam these days than anything.
    Funny how some comments just seem to slip by.
    I checked out the URL as well. Glad I did.


  7. i've quite some by mrskin but akismet has been excellent to me, none of them got through. i've abt 700+ spam blocked by akismet and only 1 or 2 ever got through the filter.

  8. I'll second your praise for akismet sulz. Akismet is super kewl! It has blocked every one of these mrskin fake comments on my blog. :D

  9. 116 in 24 hours on my main blog. Strangest ones so far have been the ones for holloween customes and home sinks.

  10. yeah, I got those too. The costumes are understandable at this time of the year I guess but what's with the home sinks?

  11. Dang, I was going to take a picture of all those drmike's listed on the forum home page. :(

  12. They were lovely {she sobbed}
    I'm so sorry ... {she snivelled}:(
    {anything to avoid a whacking):P

  13. I'll just fake it. :)

  14. Yes I was getting hit by MrSkin's spam too.
    But because I moderate all comments I'd delete his url and then click 'approve' so it would just appear as a regular comment with no links in it.
    He hasn't been back to my page since then.

  15. I never got Mr. Skin spam before today, but I got a lot of it. Weird.

    I saw something on Fark that split the difference between Halloween costumes and home sinks: a toilet Halloween costume. Yeah, I bet that'll really help Skippy's social life at school...

  16. I'm getting the Mr. Skin now as well:

    Bruce Willis actually said:

    “I’m a man and I will beat up anybody who tries to tell me that I’m not a man just because my hair’s thinning”

    Didn’t expect him to say something like that!??

    But written on a fanfic a wrote years ago where my characters get dumped in the Amazon jungle.

  17. At first I let through those Mr. Skin comments but I edited out the porn link. I thought it was a legit comment. But then like a week later he was commenting on posts months old.

  18. You can always go back and relabel them as spam. :)

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