Best theme for displaying images for professional photographers!

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    I am a photographer and would like to use WP as a single place to showcase my images as well as write blogs. Currently I am doing it through two diff sites. Images at and blog at

    My requirement is a theme at WP that allows me to showcase images similar to how they are being displayed at my Photoshelter site.

    This theme should:
    1. Allow displaying of images in their normal ratio (usually 2:3 or 3:2, horizontally & vertically respectively),
    2. Provide for a slideshow on the home page,
    3. Should allow display of additional galleries under a separate menu item
    4. Should allow entering descriptions for each image

    I obviously tried the ‘Photography’ theme but was disappointed after purchasing it when I realized that images to be displayed on the home page had to be cropped to an unconventional size of 948×534. Had to return the purchase and be back on the road in search of another theme. Went through the details of Portfolio theme and realized they have a similar constraint (860px x 450px). Cant understand why the developers are killing their own themes by putting these unwarranted restrictions on image sizes. Which photographer would EVER want to display images in any ratio other than the standard 2:3? Sorry for diverting.

    It’d help if someone could provide guidance on a theme that is best suited to display images in a professional way for photographers and also allow blogging. I’d prefer a theme that is ‘built’ for photographers rather than themes that provide a work around way of displaying images by tweaking the way blogs are displayed.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is




    I’d recommend taking a look at the Theme Showcase, particularly the list of Photography-related themes here.

    I don’t know if these themes will meet all your requirements, but hopefully you’ll find something you like!

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