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Best tools/techniques to manage following on twitter

  1. Talk about off topic, eh? But I know there are lots of you out there who know more than me about this particular puzzle, and I would appreciate your input.

    I am following a relatively small number of people on twitter (under 50). I can easily see this growing to several hundred, but not to 6 figures or beyond. However already I am being totally frustrated by the fact I have signed up to follow some very high volume contributors, whose tweeting crowds out other contributions (Guy Kawasaki you know who you are....;-). Some people whose view I cherish are infrequent tweeters, but their contributions get lost.

    Spent lots of google time on the topic, still puzzled.I've played around with a few twitter clients (tweetdeck, mixero, hootsuite), and have sniffed around at, but the search and filtering functions I've seen, while neat, don't enable me to manage based on time and frequency of contribution. Or if they do I haven't figured out how they do it.

    One way of of managing this, that I've thought of, is that I'd like to be able to 'stack' people's contributions, like in solitaire, so I only see the most recent one, and I can drill down if inspired. And each facecard could be ranked based on the information value (as in distinctiveness) of someone tweeting, so infrequent tweeters get higher up in my 'stream'.

    What tricks and tools do you use to manage how you follow people, if you follow lots of them? What articles have you read that have helped you be a more effective twitter consumer?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't follow many people too. And I only read whatever on my timeline and sometime scroll through my followers. I often checke my timeline so that I can keep them all in track

  3. Have you tried using lists to manage the frequent tweeters?

    I have a few lists which I can click into and thereby access the bits I want. So I have a list for the main people I chat and interact with. By clicking to view this list I see only their contributions in a timeline format.

    I also have a list for news/science etc.

    You can also have people in lists who you don't follow. So you wouldn't see their prolific tweets unless you looked at the list with them in.
    Hope that makes sense!
    Lists are on the main twitter site...

  4. Thanks, all. What might work for me, is using lists to do what I want, as I can't find a search function that will return the results I want. I could put each ultra-productive tweeter into their very own list, where I can have a look at them when I feel up to it and they won't otherwise clog my mental bandwidth. I will have a go at this today and see if it makes me happy. FYI - I am currently enjoying using HootSuite to try to organise myself, as although it doesn't integrate as tightly as I would have expected, I can use lots of tabs and columns to organise my various searches and lists. (I liked Mixero, too, when I tested it out - nicelooking UI - but it made my system work too hard... so I uninstalled it.) ta! Heather

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