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Best unknown/underrated widgets?

  1. Anyone have some widgets not on the WordPress layout section that is original?


  2. What kind of widgets exactly are you looking for please?

  3. Nothing in particular. I just wanted to see what Widgets people would list. I have everything I want and have done tons of searches on Google but then I run into a blog and find something I had no idea exsisted.

  4. I'm asking because you are limited only by not being able to use javascript, iframes, flash, emdes, etc. in a text widget. Some people like to have a lot of stuff in their sidebars and some don't. The best way to locate the stuff you may want is to visit blogs and see what you can find that you think will be of use to your readers.

  5. This is what I was looking for.

    Thanks, anyways. You guys are always helpful.

  6. Hello tragikoo7,
    If you have downloaded a blog template from then the link you have posted will be relevant. However, for those of us with the link is not of much interest as we cannot use plugins on our blogs.

  7. Me + STUPID!!! :(

  8. No problem. I just wanted to be sure that you understood this and that others were not also misled by the link posted.
    Happy blogging :)

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