best version # of windows live writer for posting blogs in windows 7?

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    I got a new laptop and it is windows 7, rather than the windows xp for my old desktop.

    What I am looking for now is the BEST version for windows live writer.

    I like the version for xp, except it does not post videos any more……however, this is not the issue….unless you can help with that.

    This Xp compatible version has all the other features I like, menu side bar, menu at the top, ability to save draft to the desktop, ability to select all and then make changes to font, insert and edit is easy with a complete menu of options to pick from…..etc

    I tried to download windows live writer 2011, and it said it was not compatible with my computer…that did not make sense, since the specs matched my computer, as far as I could tell – i3 processor, 4 GB , pixels, etc.

    so I found a different earlier version….it is a nightmare….it does not have half the features my older version had…..and I cannot really use it ……it is a mess, so I am still using the XP version on my old desktop to post.

    can you recommend a version ( i need the version #) that would most match what I have for my XP? I installed the xp compatible version in about 2009.

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    As fa as we know, Windows Live Writer 2011 is the version that’s compatible with Windows 7, but did you try asking Microsoft support why Live Writer claims to not be compatible with your version of Windows?



    no…I thought I had to pay for their advice.



    Some levels of Microsoft’s support are pay-only, but this type of inquiry should be free.



    ok. I will try contacting them….after all, it is their software not working with their other software….thanks.

    if you know the right contact link, the one that is free, that would be helpful…

    but maybe I can find it



    I don’t have any direct contact info, but this looks like a good place to start:

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