Best way to add an animated text background

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    Hi all,

    I’m working on a project in WordPress that will involve a page have a background with animated text. There will be words that fly in from the sides, possibly from the top and bottom.

    I’m just wondering what the best method would be in terms of ease and best practice.

    I’ve considered Flash, but since that has compatibility issues, I know it would be best avoided.

    Would coding through CSS or Jquery be a better route? I did find animate.css which has some potential.

    And I haven’t tried it at all, but would Canvas also be a good possibility?

    I’ve also just considered, as it is only text, just an animated gif for the background. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not though.

    I’m still an amateur with WordPress, so seeking some advice here. This would be a project for a hosted WordPress site, not a .com site.

    Thank you!



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    Why on Earth would you want to annoy visitors and drive them away?



    It’s for a client. If it becomes a must do situation, I’d like todo it in the best manner possible.



    “This would be a project for a hosted WordPress site, not a .com site.”
    So read the bot reply please.

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