Best way to display an article on a non-php website

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    I’m searching for the best way to display a full WordPress article on a Java website.

    I mean by full article :

    – The title, the author, the date
    – The whole text, with pictures and a good layout (similar to the original on wordpress)
    – More informations like the categories, tags…

    My first choice is for the RSS, but i don’t know if it’s possible to display just a whole article with RSS ? And what about the layout ?

    I also think to use JSON-API. With the method “get_post” , I’ve got many informations like the tags, the categories, but i’m don’t know if it’s possible to keep the original layout.

    Can you help me ? Which one is the best ? Are there other options ?

    thank you for your answers



    This is the support forum where we provide support only to those with free hosted blogs. There is no blog linked to your username. Please post the URL starting with http:// for the site you are referring to.

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