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    HI people,

    I’m putting together a wordpress site for my friends company and so far it’s working out really well. Loving wordpress.
    One problem however is that it’s a company which manages record producers and as a result needs a long list of album information alongside album artwork. This also needs to be easily edited by the users of the site and not me in the long run.

    After trying to think of the best way of doing this I ended up installing TINY CME and using tables, purely because I thought, well they can just add new rows, insert an image and input new info as and when.

    It’s not going so well, the Tables look screwed in Safari, and when updating the site from within safari they don’t even respond well in the wysiwyg editor. (I don’t use Safari but they do).

    Has anyone got any suggestions to how I could better go around this either by adding some code to stop Safari being sh*t or another way of doing it, maybe a way with CSS that users can still update easily or a plug-in/widget maybe as an image gallery of sorts that will do the same job?? I’ve been looking but as of yet had no joy.

    Here is a page in question although all the producer pages differ (haven’t been through to standardise the image sizes yet either):

    There must be something in existence that can display info like this fairly easily?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance




    You’re in the wrong forum. You need to ask at



    Apologies, I’ve just only now read up on the difference between .com and .org.


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