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    I just realized I have written 120 posts. I was wondering how can I get readers to look at the older posts? Is there a way or tips that you could suggest? I find when new people find my blog, they look at the last ten or the most popular.

    Any suggestions to feature the other posts or make them stand out too would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. You all are so helpful.

    The blog I need help with is


    You could feature an older post as a “sticky post” and then switch them out, say, weekly.


    Adding the Categories widget might also help.



    Link to them when appropriate in your newer posts.



    It’s easy to post a link in a text widget in your blog’s sidebar that when clicked will display a random post found in your blog.

    You could also create a static page for Popular Posts or Selected Posts. Mine gets a lot of traffic.



    And a very fast way to display those popular posts in your sidebar is by using an RSS widget and the feed from a special Category that you create, such as “Popular”.

    Here’s info on how to locate the feed for a category

    and here’s info on how to get that category feed into the RSS widget

    Great question!


    “Great question!”
    And a different suggestion in each reply – I like this thread!
    Happy new year everybody!


    Thanks so much everyone! I will give them all a try :)

    I agree hope everyone is having a great start to their new year.



    I have over 4000 posts and can tell you that no matter what you do, new stuff will ALWAYS outrank old stuff. Hardly anyone reads my old stuff, even though it’s prominently featured on my site.

    Focus on writing great new stuff.



    Consider using the Older Posts Widget



    @techallica – that is a WordPress.ORG Widget and is not available for WordPress.COM blogs.



    @raincoaster depends on the type of site. my pillar posts get read everyday.

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