Best way to drive traffic to new blog

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    I am new to writing on a blog. I wanted to know what some of your best pieces of advice you have in regards to driving a healthy amount of traffic to your blog

    The blog I need help with is



    The best advice I can give you is search the forums because this kind of information has been posted alot in the forums I am pretty you will find something on the subject.


    Become active, there’s alot of good blogs online and especially here on WP, alot of bloggers frequent other blogs too, add words associated with your blog or things of interests to you add them to Tag Surfer. If theirs other blogs you like on wp add them to your Blog Surfer. In the event you do decide to comment on another blog read their post(s), and leave genuine comments.


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    Here is a search. You are sure to find some articles of interest to you:
    Increase Traffic



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