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Best way to give access to older posts?

  1. I'm not very savvy when it comes to wordpress. I was hoping to find out how to set up my page, or which theme I would need to use, in order to be able to have all of my past posts organized by month and easily accessible. I currently still use twenty eleven, which is what I started with in January. It allows up to 50 posts in the sidebar by using the "past posts" widget. I also have a calender widget that lets people choose a month, but then when selected, just one post is shown from that month, and people need to manually click "older" or "newer" to go through posts one by one. I would like for people to see the titles of all posts, by month, without having to actually click on them - in the sidebar, if that's possible? Perhaps this isn't possible with twenty eleven due to the infinite scrolling, maybe it isn't felt necessary. But I would rather have them organized by month, as I described. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! But I must warn you I am really not tech savvy at all, I basically just know how to type and mouse :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. use categories. This will help people navigate to any post they like. you can also put categories into your menu bar. If you look through the support there will be something there that should tell you how to do this.

  3. Is there a way to organize the posts by month instead? Like a widget that allows a drop down menu for different months, then all the posts made in that month are displayed?

  4. The easiest way is to use the Archives widget. See this:

    Also you can use the Archives shortcode:

  5. Thank you! This is what I have done - but when I select one month from the drop down menu, what happens is I am taken directly to one post within that month. Then I have to click "older" or "newer" to get to other posts in that month. But there is no way for a person to get an overview of all the posts in that month so that they can navigate more deliberately. Even when clicking older/newer, they can't see the title of the post they'd be moving to. Do the different themes have different widgets with different settings/abilities? Is there a different theme I could use, then? I hope that's not a stupid question. But I have seen other non-WordPress blogs that have a calendar that expands when a month is selected - a sub menu will appear with all of the posts, by title, in that month, then a viewer can choose which post to click on, or can click on another month to find out what posts are in that month. Is there a way to do this on WordPress?

  6. @rebelsprite - Timethief's suggestions will probably be the best for you. Also, bear in mind that each bloghost has its own way of doing things and what you see on blogs might not be possible here.

  7. Thanks Timethief and everyone else! I added the topo posts feature for now. When I have more time, I will go back and make my categories more organized and specific.

  8. The Top Posts widget is cool when it comes to depicting which posts that are already getting high traffic. It's normally older posts with evergreen content that aren't getting high traffic we want to feature and promote.

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