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Best way to have a forum on my site?

  1. Now wait up to 72 hours for that change to register all around the internet. Once it's done that, the link should go straight to your forum.

  2. the link should go straight to your forum.

    The link being the

  3. Hi,

    I've tried assigning the CNAME: forum to

    I have waited for a few days and all it does is redirect me to this website, not mine:

    I want it to go to my forum, and I want it to say


  4. What is the exact DNS record you copied-pasted on your dashboard? (Including punctuation and everything)

  5. CNAME forum

    That is what I put.

  6. You put .com instead of .ca

  7. That is because even with the .ca, it brought me to that other weird website.

  8. And my website is

  9. That is because even with the .ca, it brought me to that other weird website.

    To the best of my knowledge, CNAME changes are not instantaneous; they can take an hour to be effective. Can you try waiting? Please?

    And my website is

    I heard you the first time.

  10. So let me get this straight - the CNAME is supposed to have a .ca at the end? If my website has a .com, shouldn't the CNAME also have a .com?

  11. You said it yourself a few days ago:

    The link to my forum is

    Is that not the forum you want your CNAME record to point to?

  12. Yes, and even when I put .ca, it brings me to that odd website.

  13. Hi. The DNS seems to be correct now on our end. Congratulations on getting the CNAME set up (it's tricky stuff). It looks like something may not be set up correctly on the forumotion side. I show them forwarding to the CNAME, which does not display your forum. It's weird that browsing directly to displays your web site while following the new CNAME record does not; maybe there's something that the forumotion DNS doesn't like about doing duplicate CNAMES, or maybe they need to set up some additional configuration on their end. At any rate, I think that at this point, you'll need to get forumotion tech support involved. I would say something more or less like this:

    I have set up the following DNS record to forward to

    CNAME forum

    The resulting DNS lookup appears as follows:

    ;; ANSWER SECTION: 3258 IN CNAME 172458 IN CNAME 47 IN A 47 IN A 47 IN A 47 IN A 47 IN A 47 IN A

    When I visit, I am forwarded not to my forums but to (which is also using for DNS). Can you help me investigate why the CNAME is not forwarding properly?

  14. Thank you very much. I will contact them right away. Everyone, thanks for your help!

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