Best way to have a forum on my site?

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    Thank you all for your help. Please keep this topic open until I actually succeed in doing this, because I may need to ask more questions. You are all very helpful. :)



    Okay, so I’ve successfully navigated to the “Custom DNS” part of my blog’s dashboard.

    Now, I’m not the most code-savvy person in the world. I’ve pulled some information from my forum provider on how to do this:

    I have already a homepage, can I link a subdomain with my forumotion board?

    Yes, of course – it’s almost the same procedure as above. Just assign the CNAME to your subdomain instead:

    When you choose the sub-domain which you wish to use on your forum (forum.my_domain, for example, is a sub-domain of my_domain), you have to create the corresponding CNAME entry in the DNS administration of your domain: a CNAME entry allows to point an url towards the other one in a transparent way. That way, you can link forum.my_domain with forumotion board

    Any recorder of domains names possesses different interfaces, and thus different methods to create such CNAME. However, in a general way, the process takes place as described below:

    Connect to your user account on the site of your domain name provider, and go to the DNS management.
    Check that the chosen sub-domain is not already used.
    In the generally entitled field “source”, “origin”, or “alias” enter the prefix of sub-domain (i.e. “Forum” if you want to use the sub-domain forum.my_domain).
    In the generally entitled field “destination” or ” target host “, enter the original url of your forum, address.my_forum.
    You will maybe have to inform the TTL (Time To Live): define the maximal possible value here.

    The link to my forum is I want to make it so that (like I said above) I can put that on my blog, and when it is clicked, it directs the user to my forum and the url of the forum at the top of the screen is


    Bump? Sorry if im not allowed to do this…



    This is how to create a custom DNS record. Please study this, and if you’re still having problems creating a CNAME record, don’t hesitate to come back here.

    And in response to your question…

    Bump? Sorry if im not allowed to do this…

    Not forbidden per se, but frowned upon here. So try to avoid it in the future :-)


    Thank you, but I’m ashamed to say that I still do not understand. I am not code savvy. Would you be able to show me how to add it? What is the code I would type in to make: ?

    Sorry again!



    Try this:
    CNAME forum



    Sorry, that should be:
    CNAME forum
    (No http://)


    So I just paste that code into the box?



    Yes. Did you read the link I gave you?


    Yes I did but I still don’t really understand the coding part.

    1. So I went to my dashboard and navigated to custom DNS records
    2. I pasted the code you gave me into the box.
    3. It says “custom DNS records saved.”

    Now what?



    Now wait up to 72 hours for that change to register all around the internet. Once it’s done that, the link should go straight to your forum.


    the link should go straight to your forum.

    The link being the



    I’ve tried assigning the CNAME: forum to

    I have waited for a few days and all it does is redirect me to this website, not mine:

    I want it to go to my forum, and I want it to say




    What is the exact DNS record you copied-pasted on your dashboard? (Including punctuation and everything)


    CNAME forum

    That is what I put.



    You put .com instead of .ca


    That is because even with the .ca, it brought me to that other weird website.


    And my website is



    That is because even with the .ca, it brought me to that other weird website.

    To the best of my knowledge, CNAME changes are not instantaneous; they can take an hour to be effective. Can you try waiting? Please?

    And my website is

    I heard you the first time.


    So let me get this straight – the CNAME is supposed to have a .ca at the end? If my website has a .com, shouldn’t the CNAME also have a .com?

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