Best way to Showcase Existing Articles/Word docs?

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    I’m a writer and have existing articles (that did not originate as blog posts) on many topics as Word docs in my computer. (Many also exist as text or pdfs on external websites as well). I have read the technical end of various ways to add these to my blog (though I won’t know if I understand these until I go try one of these – you know the tech end will be my next question), but I’m wondering about this from the reader/audience side.

    Does it seem better to create a menu tab such as My Articles and a drop down list of various article titles, with each article on its own static page? Or perhaps a drop down list of topics, with multiple articles on the same general topic grouped together on a static page, perhaps with some kind of “read more” link to read each article in entirety? Or better for a reader just to see a clickable list of titles and perhaps summaries on a static page, presuming I can somehow get these in as files (I presume through Add Media) that they can click to open?

    In other words, I’m asking more about what readers might perceive as attractive, useful, and easy to access if they want to read pre-existing articles that are related to my areas of expertise. What is the best way to present/showcase these articles?

    Can you recommend any specific blogs using articles or Word docs (that are not blog posts) that have handled this in various ways, or a particular way you like?


    The blog I need help with is

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