Best WP template for a Lighting Design Company

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    I’m not terribly familiar with WP but I was hoping someone can gear me into the right direction. I’m looking for a WP Template that will allow me to maximize the view without stretching the header image, where I can showcase my events in the form of pictures and video, and perhaps emmbed swish movies. I’m doing some widget research but would love to see some examples of templates that WP users are currently working with.. Can anyone help? I want it to be a blog but not look like one if that makes any sense.. Thanks in advance for your help!




    Why don’t you take a look at this first – the differences between and

    For your purposes, a self-hosted blog is probably the way to go. You can get free software at



    Just so you know, commercial blogs are not allowed on See here:

    There are also quite a lot of restrictions here about plugins etc.

    You might be better with a self-hosted blog which allows greater customization as well as allowing commercial use. See

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