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    Hola, I just set up my site and got it fairly organized, I just have one problem: I’ve got fairly extensive archives reaching back 7 years, and I wish that there was a way to organize the archives sidebar under broader parents, such as by year, rather than having them listed all the way down by month, which consumes quite a bit of sidebar space and is a pain in the ass to navigate besides.
    My impression is that if I want to do something like that I will have to move beyond the hosting of so I can get into the template and edit it. Is this assessment correct, or is there a theme I can choose with better archive organization already built in?



    You are correct, at least at present, there is no way to access the template files to make the changes you desire.



    Thanks for getting back to me so quick on that.
    I’m thinking that what I might do is just cut out the archives section altogether. I figure people can always browse through the categories if they want to check out past stuff.

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