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Better Flickr integration

  1. The biggest downside with is the lack of Flickr integration. The built-in image galleries are useless for serious image sharing because of the poor image quality. Please let us embed Flickr's original slideshow with some customization options (like we can with the Flickr videos), or this elegant solution:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Of course you can embed a Flickr slidehow. What makes you think you can't?

  3. I had a slideshow that worked OK until recently, when the height suddenly became much too high. It seems like it the size now adapts to the highest image (standing format). This doesn't look very nice.

  4. What is the URL of the post with the slideshow in it?

  5. I removed the slideshow, but have put it back temporarily, so you can see. Large black bars has appeared over and under the slideshow:

  6. Some of your images are taller than others so Flickr puts the black bars above and below the shorter images: it doesn't change the size of the slideshow to match each picture.

    For example, your first picture is in landscape format while the fox in the next picture is in portrait format.

  7. I know, but it didn't look like this until some days ago. I have had this slideshow for over a year, and I have had all kinds of picture formats in it, but the black bars was much narrower then.

  8. I am experiencing the same problem. When the slideshow plays and cycles through from a "portrait" oriented photo to a "landscape" photo, there are remnants of the "portrait" photo that remain. Very annoying. I use Flickr imbeds with many of my blog posts. It's a new problem that occurred without changing any settings. Hope we can find a resolution soon!

  9. We only use the image data is sent directly to us from Flickr and don't modify anything on this end.

    I recommend contacting Flickr about this.

  10. I have heard that Flickr have stopped developing this flash slideshow, because they will move to a HTML5 based version. So I can't think they have made any changes lately.

    By the way, I have now moved my blog to a self hosted domain and have endless possibilities with Flickr plugins, so this isn't any problem for me anymore.

  11. I am also having trouble with Flickr slideshows. Formerly it auto-embedded - now all my posts that had slideshows, well, don't; they're just left with the link (but not actually linked to anything, just the url). Has this changed recently? Is there any other way to do slide shows with my Flickr sets? I hate to have had them all disappear from my posts...

    The blog in question is

  12. It seems flickr slideshow auto-embeds (by copying and pasting the URL on a single line without making it a link) are no longer supported, even though some will say they never officially were supported.

    FWIW-the entire "Auto-Embed" section is now missing from Dashboard>Settings>Media Settings as well as from the Support doc on Media settings, which was last updated on November 12, 2012.

    And FWIW-you can still embed single flickr images using the above method, for now anyway.

  13. Here's a guide by justpi, another forum volunteer, to using the gigya shortcode (again, not officially supported) for embedding flickr slideshows. See if this doesn't work for you.

  14. Hi falwyn - could you please provide a link to a page where you have a Flickr slideshow that doesn't work as you expect so I can investigate further? Thanks.

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