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    301 redirects would be nice to be able to use – failing in that I have another suggestion below for a user definable error page.

    I just moved my site to WordPress.COM and one of the searches to my site is now broken. When people search on “boating etiquette” my site is #3 on Google.

    Yes it is a PDF file (yes I should have 301 redirected it for a while before moving) so a link to the PDF file is now broken – and people won’t do a search or even look on my site – SO – would be great to be able to have a Page that all Page Not Found goes to that I could customize – then I could have a note at the top “If you got here with this search click here” and send them to the right page and to be able to have the rest of the Page as a Site Listing or Index Page (my site is still small enough that a list everything is not too long. (Yes getting a PDF file was not as good as a visitor, but I do have the site URL at the bottom if they read that far)


    The blog I need help with is



    @auxclass: I totally agree with you. When I moved my website to, I was dissappointed that there was no custom 404 error page.

    Fortunately some themes’ 404 error messages are friendlier than others, even if you can’t customize them:

    On the other hand, it beats Blogger or Posterous’ default 404 error page that doesn’t even have your logo or your name sometimes…

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