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Better request new password support

  1. Would be great to have a better way to recover a lost password. Maybe just ask for email address instead of username too, that way, I'll stop getting spammed with people requesting the password to my username. :P Not a big deal, yes, because nothing gets changed unless I click the link but it's quite annoying, especially, when like today, the emails come in German and it takes me a while to figure out what's going on or when, like today, the person doesn't get it and keeps requesting a new password because they're not getting an email.

    I dunno, maybe I don't know anything, but it would be nice if this could be looked into. Thanks.

  2. Good feedback! I would pass this onto support through as well!


  3. Oooh looks like they're only open certain hours?
    I'll try and remember tomorrow! Thanks :)

  4. If we require a username, how do we help people who forget theirs?

  5. That's not quite what I said -- instead of allowing them to enter in a username or an email address, just accept the email address. Could also be done like hundreds of other sites out there where there's a secret question or something to be answered before the email is sent. (ie enter username, answer secret question, then email goes out about changing the password)

  6. valerie: thanks, the email address idea sounds reasonable, we'll consider it. We've thought about the secret question thing but our experience dealing with people who lose their passwords suggests it wouldn't help.

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