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    The better the system you offer, the more it can help us bring traffic.
    I am also willing to pay for it, if the price is reasonable.
    Specifically – I would like to know, for example, which specific fb/tw pages reffered to which post, when, where from gloabally, and how deep was their visit.

    Alternatively, if you allow polls via a third party (which most of its services are paid for), consider allowing a third party to have access, possibly googleStats.

    The blog I need help with is


    I was able to post a similar idea.

    Today, I received a referrer from Facebook, but it only showed the link to Facebook directly. I do not use the share buttons, because I do not use those services. Can we please have something better? I’d like to know more about my visitors. As above, I would be willing to pay for such a thing.

    Thank you.



    As far as I’m aware, what info FB shares depends on teh privacy settings of the individuals. You will generally not be able to see the individuals or the specific posts to FB, no matter what you pay.



    While not necessarily insightful, I would love to have a option to display page views on each blog post. It’s certainly more informative than present.

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