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    For those who may be interested in wp’s tagging and categorization features, and following on from this thread:
    …I have emailed the following request/suggestion to Support:
    [I expected the below-post tag and category links] to show similar-categorized/tagged articles *from my own blog*. Why? Because choice of tag terms and category terms is within the context of one’s own blog, and consequently they are not particularly related to how someone else might use such a tag/category. In short, tags on a blog have an implicit “AND” with that particular blog.

    So as it stands, if one uses a tag or category term such as “windows” or “tips” or “me” which might be adequately distinctive within-blog, those under-post links, which suggest “take me to more on this topic by this author”, instead are virtually guaranteed to take readers to a blizzard of articles NOT on the same blog and probably unrelated even to the topic.

    Consequently, if we are serious about categorizing content within blog, the current aberrant behavior virtually compels that we use tags with an explicit blog-specific suffix: “tips” becomes “tips[gwideman]” in my case, for example. This seems counter-productive all around.

    I appreciate that the current model of offering content from other sites via tags/categories might be important to your business model, and would welcome a second set of tagged links for that purpose:

    Links to related articles on this site: tag1 tag2…cat1 cat2
    Links to related articles on other blogs: tag1 tag2.. cat1 cat2

    (I also realize that there are tag cloud and category widgets, but neither of these mitigate the bad functioning of the under-post links, and both become impossible to use with significant numbers of terms.)

    What do you think? Can you be persuaded to revisit the behavior of the under-post links?

    Anthony replied:
    This is standard behavior for all themes, although we are currently working on something to help with this. I have added your input to our user suggestion library for further review, as well.

    The blog I need help with is


    Please please please another (simple, uncluttered) photoblog theme…. something very simple and clean. No color gimmicks, no crazy fonts, just a simple photoblog theme.



    Good Lord, sorry ’bout that… wrong thread.

    Please disregard!

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