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    Hello! My blog is and I just switched my theme over to Bueno. I love the theme, only I really want a plain black background. The only problem is that the font in the menu is also black and I can’t change it to another color to make it visible. Being pretty CSS illiterate, I could really use help changing the color to white. I tried searching the forum for this topic, but couldn’t find anything. Please help!


    -Becca Markiewicz

    The blog I need help with is


    I have the same issue I didn’t find any answer on this topic, I’d like to change my font color in menu from white to gold and I’m using Theme: Triton Lite address to my blog is


    I did a little bit more of a thorough search on Google and found a few forum posts that solved my problem. Here is a link to the specific post that I took the code from. Hope this helps you too!


    I do have one other question about the Bueno theme, though (sorry… I should have posted this earlier). So there is an option to have a “Home” menu in the page navigation. The only problem is that when I check this option, it then adds a “Home” menu option to every single one of my custom menus in the sidebar. I really don’t need more than one “Home” menu and I would prefer it to be in the main page navigation menu (I know you can make a custom Home menu and put it in the side bar, but I prefer the look of a main page navigation menu). How do I correct this problem??



    @ibizavipconcierge, most CSS changes are theme-specific. Try to keep your questions limited to the theme first mentioned, or make a new thread if you still need help.


    @functionalfitnessnyc, it looks like you’ve created several different custom menus which are shown in the tabs along the top of the Appearance → Menus page. You only need to create one or two though.

    Try editing one of the menus you have already created and add more then one item to it. Then you can select that menu to use at the top of your blog using the “Primary Navigation” dropdown on the Appearance → Menus page or you can select it in the custom menu widget on the Appearance → Widgets page.

    This guide may also help you:


    Wow, thank you! I knew there was something that I was just completely missing, and that was it… so much easier than I was making it out to be! Anyway, everything is perfect now… thank you for all the help!


    I’m glad I could help! The menus can be a little tricky until you figure it out for the first time, then it’s easy! :)

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