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BIG BANG 4-in-a-row virus?

  1. Hi, I tried to export the contents of my blog to my mac this morning and then when I tried to open the file I got an online game called 'Big Bang 4 In a Row' open instead. After searching on the internet, it seems that some people have had this problem on Blogger, and they seem to have been unable to delete the game from their computer - although I managed to remove mine.

    This is a heads up to let people know - has wordpress been compromised or is it not something that anyone has experienced yet?

    How do I now download my blog to store it on my computer, I am afraid of doing it again, in case my computer is infected with the same game.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a very serious accusation, I have flagged it for moderator attention.

  3. thanks

  4. The exported file from Dashboard>Tools>Export is an extended XML file. FWIW-I just downloaded mine (on a PC / 4.4M) and scanned with both an antivirus program and an anti-malware program. Both came out clean.

    By the way, the blog currently linked to your username has been deleted. Are you referring to another blog hosted at

  5. Ok, thanks so much. Yes you are right, I have yet to transfer the primary blog across.

  6. That's definitely not something that came from us. However, infected browsers or file expanders have been known to inject code which gives the downloaded file the appearance of containing the virus.

  7. I've searched up 'Big Bang 4 In a Row' and it appears this problem dates back to 2008. Try changing the program it is opening with. See: Apple forum discussion.

    If this doesn't work try installing an anti-virus product for Macs such as Sophos Free Antivirus for Mac.

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