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    I made a big confusion. My first blog was dreamingofberlin then I added lovefromitaly and i bought the domain. But the primary blog was dreamingofberlin. I logged in on Polyvore and wrote my blog address and it sent my posts to dreamingofberlin. Then I sorted this problem out and put as primary blog lovefromitaly but polyvore is still sending the posts to dreamingofberlin. How shall I solve this problem?

    Then I would like to delete the blog dreamingofberlin but wordpress tells me that if I want to delete I am going to delete everything under the main name: youmeandthiswonderfullife. What shall I do to delete just dreamingofberlin?

    Thanks a lot
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like you’ve gone ahead and deleted

    Just let us know if you need anything else!


    Actually not!
    It seems to be deleted but it is still there if I check under my blogs in the dashboard. And it keeps on receiving the set from Polyvore that I would like to post on lovefromitaly.
    Polyvore still recognizes my main blog as dreamingofberlin.
    It has been already 48 hours since I made the changes. How can I delete “just and only” dreamingofberlin and not the whole site and have the posts from Polyvore posted on lovefromitaly?



    Hi there, just to confirm, is this what you mean by Polyvore?

    These are the three sites currently owned by the user youmeandthiswonderfullife:

    – youmeandthiswonderfullife
    – lovefromitalyblog
    – lovefromitalyblogdotcom

    The site dreamingofberlin has been deleted in our system and is no longer on your account.

    This sounds like it might be an issue at Polyvore’s end, so you could try contacting them so they “uncross” any crossed wires that are sending your posts to the wrong blog.

    It seems to be deleted but it is still there if I check under my blogs in the dashboard.

    Would it be possible to upload a screenshot of this?

    Here’s a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you’re not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library and then post a link so I can see it, or if there is private information in the screenshot, just let me know when you’ve added it and I’ll go into your Media Library and take a look there.


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    I am sorry but I don’t have any print screen or PrtScr on my Key Board so I just copied and pasted the page with the 3 blogs listed.
    As you can see dreamingofberlin is still there (the last one) and it’s still receiving every post from Polyvore.
    Can you help me to shut it down????
    I just want to delete dreamingofberlin, not the whole site.
    Let me know.


    And yes (I forgot…) it’s



    Hi there, thanks for the additional information.

    Is the above content that you copied here from If so, you’ll need to contact their support to ask how to remove a blog you no longer want to include in your list. Here’s their Help Center, which includes forums as well as a Contact Us link at the bottom left:

    If it was copied from, could you please provide the address of that exact page by going to your browser’s address bar when you’re on that page and copy-pasting the address here, starting with http://



    it was copied from WordPress and the link is:

    I deleted my wordpress account from Polyvore, cleaned all cache and cookies and tried to put the account again in but I am still having the same problem. The boards are published on dreamingofberlin. Here an example from this morning:

    I am waiting to sort this problem out to buy then some advertisment for my blog. Looking forward for your reply.




    Hi there. I wonder if part of the confusion here is that the site title for is “dreamingofberlin.” You can change this on the General -> Settings page in the blog dashboard by editing the site title.

    To try to figure out what was happening here, I created a polyvore account and connected it to my blog. What I discovered was that even though I provided the url for a blog that was not primary for my account, it defaulted to publishing to my primary blog. I was then able to go into the polyvore settings and assign it to one of my other blogs from a dropdown list of my blogs. After I did that, polyvore published to the second blog as expected.

    If you had the dreamingofberlin blog as your primary and haven’t gone back in and changed it after the initial setup, then you may be able to resolve the issue by just tweaking that value in your polyvore settings here.


    Dear dllh,

    i am sorry to tell you that I already changed my the site title in general – Settings long time ago. At least in my page it looks like this:

    youmeandthiswonderfullife (Change)

    Email Address startingmyblogs…
    Will not be publicly displayed.
    Primary Blog
    Web Address lovefromitalyblogdotcom
    Shown publicly when you comment on blogs and in your Gravatar profile.
    Interface Language

    If I manage my blogs starting from youmeandthiswonderfullife I see only lovefromitaly. If I go in Home-dashboard-my blogs there are 3 blogs but the primary one is lovefromitaly and I changed it long time ago as well. And it was already changed as I logged back in on Polyvore (i cleaned the caches and cookies before logging in and changing it).

    So could it be there is a mistake or something which is not working from your side? I mean, I made my changes but WordPress didn’t record them?
    I think I really have done everything possible but if you have any other idea, I am ready to try.

    Please let me know. And please I would like to delete dreamingofberlin. Can you help me with that as well?



    Staff was deleted by you a while ago.

    As for the others, the only blogs under youmeandthiswonderfullife are: (you can change the title of this blog via ) (aka )

    As for your youmeandthiswonderfullife account does not own that blog. It belongs to completely different user account, which likewise does not have access to the above three blogs.


    I think I found the real problem.
    Dreamingofberlin is not under youmeandthiswonderfullife but in lovefromitaly – dashboard-my blogs. I already set as primary but and dreamingofberlin were still there but hidden. Now I changed them as visible so that you can see them too.

    How can I delete dreamingofberlin from dashboard-myblogs now and forever?

    Thanks again for your help


    Staff is the only blog you have titled dreamingofberlin

    You can delete it following this guide:

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