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    I’ve got a Big Contact feed player on my myspace page and it works just fine. On

    I’ve been playing around with a blog on WordPress with a view to switching away from my Libsyn blog. I’ve been trying to integrate the Big Contact feed player on WordPress but without success. It should look like the one on myspace, check this link to see what I get.

    I must be missing something basic. Any ideas on how to fix?




    I think the player you are trying to add would be generated with an applet or javascript and due to certain security issues, it is stripped out of Here is an FAQ on what players can be embedded into blogs and the 4 new players that were just added!

    I know Odeo seems to be popular for podcasts, but the 4 new players maybe be better for podcasts.

    Last but not least, if you upgrade your space, the new mp3 player is pretty slick!

    Hope that gets you started.




    For sure, that player you are working with is not supported at this time! Sorry!


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