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Big Gap between and header and first post [PLEASE!]

  1. I would like to finally release my website, , but there is a problem when I view it in Internet Explorer. You try it :\ .

    There seems to be a huge white gap between Categories and my first post published on the homepage.

    Look for yourself :

    Please let me know how to solve this!

    Here is my style.css.

    [code deleted - drmike]

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi drmike, what was wrong with the code?
    Would my solution be in there or somewhere else?


  3. Greets:

    I'm afraid you're at the wrong site. These forums are for those hosted here at Since you're hosted elsewhere, you're running different software than we are here and need to be over at That's the site for the downloadable version of the software.

    Some quick suggestions though:

    - Don't post code unless asked to. Best bet would be to provide a link. Else you're just making folks sit there hitting page down looking to see if there's a follow up or where the end of teh post is.

    - You have a lot of broken code there. You may want to try fixing some of it. Chances are something on that list is causing the drop down issue.

    - You're probably missing an ending div at teh end of your sidebar. I would try that if the above doesn't fix the issue.

    Hope this helps,

    [It took me a bit to type all that and track down the validator]

  4. Oh, sorry.
    Thanks for the suggestions and taking the time to type all that out.
    It was a great help!

  5. Not a problem. Too many windows open tonight.

    Good luck,

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