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  1. BIG PROBLEM on my website - Yesterday the forms were not working at all for some reason..and today one of the forms that I need to work very well is working, but when the form is submitted I am NOT GETTING AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION.

    The page is "Finalize your booking" :

    It is allowing someone to fill out the form and even shows them what they have submitted once they hit "submit" but then I do not get an email with the information!

    This is a huge problem as people need to be able to book their move, and if they have thought they booked their move and I do not get the form I might miss a very important thing that they will be upset with me, write bad reviews, and my business could suffer severely for it.

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  2. This is to let you know I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

    You can read all feedback sent through your contact form in your feedback management area. Just click the “Feedbacks” link in your left-hand menu. Feedback management >

  3. I can't see anything that would prevent the form from working. You might want to check your spam folder and also try setting the form to send to only one email address, not two.

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