Big problem with the links to the categories

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    Hello guys, i’m writing to you because i have a big problem with the categories of my wordpress. I hope i’m writing in the right place, because is my first post here.

    So.. I removed from my sidebar the tag <?php wp_list_cats(); ?> to change it with single direct links to the categories.
    Now the problem is: with internet explorer all is working great, but with firefox is not the same. Sometimes is working and sometimes not. maybe 2-3 clicks are ok, and other 3-4 clicks are not working. When is not working, there are two different kind of situations:
    1. messagge error from the browser
    2. open another category different by the link i clicked

    I tried with the classic theme and is the same, i tried with all the plugins deactivated and is the same, i tried to cancel the htaccess and let wordpress rewrote it and is the same. I don’t have any ideas for what doing at all.

    Please help me!

    PS. With the browser of my nokia 5900 and iphone instead, the links are never working

    Thank you



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