Big Referrer is WordPress, can I trace from where?

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    Had three times as much traffic as usual today. Went to my site stats. “Referrers” lists as my number one referrer, with 225. How can I track where on wordpress My blog was mentioned. I tried the tag illustration, didn’t see it there. Is there a way fro me to figure this out.

    The blog I need help with is



    Same thing happened to me.

    Another thing which is related: Views today number is different from the views total from the side (where there is a breakdown by page/post).

    That is the first I have noticed it. The difference was 66 (out of 172), the exact number on the WordPress referer count (66). That was yesterday, today I’m currently off by 15…again same as the count under WP referer.

    As I background, the average of my blog has been 25-30 in the last months. The count jumped by 72 in one hour – mostly WordPress referer.

    What is happening?



    Saw somewhere by searching the word referrer in fuorums that as of Oct 19 WordPress is counting subscribers as referrals, but even that will not account for the big surge I got.



    Not even close to explain as my subscribers are in the low single digits.



    Seems I am in the same boat. Delighted at having 400 hits today, compared to 100 on a normal day, and also a big day yesterday…but as with the other posters, the pages hit are less than the WordPress referrer count. And, great observation madpatski, my difference of referrer minus total views is ALSO exactly equal to the number of WordPress referrer count.

    Now, the WordPress referrer count clearly surged right after I posted, so it’s not random. I wonder if my comment appears on a scrolling list somewhere on WordPress and every time someone looks at the list including the title of the comment it counts as a “referral” even if they don’t click through.



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