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Big Thanks to Matt Mullenweg and Lloyd Budd

  1. I am posting this Big Thank You message in the support section because I see in the sidebar that the definition of this area is "Share experiences and help each other."

    My blog used to be hosted on before I moved it to Movable Type. I also created 12 other blogs on Movable Type.

    I recently asked Matt Mullenweg if I could move all my blogs back to -- I will give all the hoary details of why I left Movable Type in a future blog post -- and Matt graciously and kindly invited us back to

    Exporting content from Movable Type and into looked, to my eye, to be a total success -- but that's when Automattic's expert export/importer Lloyd Budd stepped in and took over all the blog re-imports for me.

    Without Lloyd's help, all my URLs would have broken and I appreciate his terrific and tenacious attitude in making sure all content across all 13 blogs was preserved.

    If you plan to move a Movable Type blog to, I urge you to contact support first to see if they can find a way to smooth a path for you as they did for me.

    Thank you, Matt!

    Thank you, Lloyd!

    Thank you, Automattic!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I, too, would like to thank Matt and Lloyd.

    Our blogs look so good now. has made many wonderful changes in the two years we've been gone.

  3. Janna --

    Yes, I agree! I barely recognize the new Admin interface. So sleek and new and fast!

    It's good to be home.

  4. I second that thanks! WordPress has been nothing short of exceptional in their help!

  5. We could not have done the massive move without them, Gordon!

  6. Oh, moving off Moveable Type is a nightmare. Several MT users I know have said they think it's deliberate on MT's part. Lloyd and Matt are two of the smartest guys I know!

  7. Yes, it is a horrible nightmare and I do feel Six Apart are not being exactly open and forthcoming on helping us get our MT blog content successfully exported for import into WordPress or even Blogger.

    I know Lloyd Budd has spent a lot of time trying to get help from 6A on getting smoother TypePad imports to WordPress.

    If Movable Type is in its last gasps -- and the fact that it took 6A four months to release a simple "bug fix" for Movable Type from 5.01 to 5.02 -- suggests a lot about the health of the platform and there may soon be a lot of MT refugees looking for a new blogging home.

    I hope all the work Lloyd did helping us move will, in some way, pay off for others looking to keep blogging without Movable Type.

  8. This thread is now part of the off topic forum

  9. Why is this off-topic when we're discussing the support issue of importing and exporting blog content from Movable Type to WordPress?

  10. pornstarbabylon

    I want to thank Mark for all his help in the many problems I've had. (hugz)

  11. @boles Because this thread is a general conversation about importing and exporting pertaining to "Moveable Type" & "WordPress" and also this thread is more of a thank you thread then a support manner type thread. Which technically doesn't fall in the support section criteria .and that is why the thread is now part of the off topic section.

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