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    Wouldn’t be a scoop if the image uploader in ones editor could convert bmp to jpg? I would just love to save myself the trouble of going to an online converter several times daily. Screenshots are pretty common among bloggers! :-) What do you say, fellow bloggers? And WordPress staff? Please say something below. Some support would be nice! :-D)))

    The blog I need help with is



    That would be ideal indeed. Alternatively you can use IrfanView or FastStone (free image view/modify programs) to saveas any image to any format you want, and in record time.



    Also Gimp is a free image editor that you might want to try. It’s quite powerful too.



    I use one of the many free off-line image editing programs to presize every image I upload into the servers for display on my blog. I change .bmp files to .jpg files on my computer (windows XP), so this isn’t an issue for me.



    Here’s a post I published that reviews Ten Free Online Image Compression and Optimzation Programs.
    Here’s a post that reviews free image editing programs we can download and use locally. Images: Optimizing, Pre-Sizing and Resizing
    Simply copy the URL into your upper browser bar minus the square brackets and click.


    Thanks, timethief. I know those programs and have had nearly all of them installed. But I’m lazy. I just use MSPaint and an online converter. :-) That’s why I asked for a bump converter. Really would be the top. :-D)))


    And also lots of thank yous to the rest of the fine folks inhere! :-D))))



    You don’t really mean “bump” you mean “bmp” right? lol :D Thanks for the kind words lazybones. ;)


    Yep. The word is bmp. Called bump among friends. :-D)))



    This thread is now part of the ideas forum. I also corrected the headline error from “bump” to “bmp”


    Thank you, slikbonez! :-D)))



    Your welcome! universalgeni, = )

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