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    Hello WordPress users, I understand that this topic has been discussed before, pardon me for asking again. I wish to blog in both Chinese and English text, how can use both languages on my blog? Is there a way for a visitor to easily switch from one language to another by clicking a button, say, placed at a top corner of the page with a flag icon? Please let me know anything that might be useful as this is a crucial and more difficult to solve issue. Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is


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    This solution has been suggested several times:
    Have two blogs, same theme, same header. One in English, the other in Chinese. But the navigation on each (and widget titles, comment instructions, and so on) would be in the appropriate language.
    With in fairly recent introduction of custom menus for many themes (including Twenty Ten) it is easy to include a link on each blog to its sister blog.


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    Should read
    “With the fairly recent…”

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